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Argosy University offers a wide range of degree programs, many of which are available through online study. Argosy University is a private institution of higher education that is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association (NCA). The same curriculum that is used on the Chicago campus is used for the online programs. Argosy University consists of a few colleges, each offering a variety of programs. The university boasts one of the largest graduate student communities in the country. Academic study along with practical training is emphasized throughout Argosy’s campuses. The convenient structure of the online programs allows students the ability to maintain their professional careers and personal lives. At the same time, the quality of the studies remains the same as the quality education offered on the campuses.

The College of Business is designed to provide students with the relevant skills and knowledge, which will ultimately assist them in advancing their careers. Students learn how to face the ever-changing, challenging business world by obtaining tools for solving problems, implementing solutions, and providing leadership. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program focuses on enhancing one’s professional abilities so that successful results can be more easily achieved. Practical business concepts and active research are significant parts of this Doctoral program.

The College of Education not only emphasizes academic studies but interpersonal skills and practical experience as well. Argosy University sees a great importance and responsibility in the field of education, and therefore provides students with a personalized education. The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD) degree program enables individuals to become leaders of educational institutions. The curriculum is based upon different areas of expertise including change management, problem-solving, planning, financial management, and others. The Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership (EdD) degree program was developed in order to provide a curriculum for those interested in becoming curriculum supervisors. Over the years there has become a growing need for such highly-trained supervisors, and so Argosy University has addressed this need by creating this program. The Doctor of Education in Community College Executive Leadership (EdD) degree program is designed for community college administrators who are seeking to advance their careers further, to positions such as president, vice-president, dean, and director in community colleges.

The College of Psychology provides an interactive online classroom for its students, which enables one to have a flexible schedule. The small classroom environment along with the highly professional faculty help supply one with the attention that is much deserved. The Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology (EdD) degree program assists those looking to pursue their professional careers in leadership, supervisory training, and teacher positions in the counseling field. The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership (EdD) degree program is designed to create highly trained and skilled leaders who are prepared to take roles in organizations during dynamic times. Students can develop their personal abilities as well as enhance their professional expertise through this program.