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B.S. in Child Development – Walden University

Walden University offers the opportunity to enter or advance oneself in the field of education through the Bachelor of Science in Child Development. It is a non-licensure bachelor’s program that lets students earn their degree online while being able to continue to work and balance personal commitments. This program serves as a precursor to teacher preparation programs although it is not suited for those who wish to immediately teach in public schools, being a non-licensure program. Students will get to explore the latest research and thinking about child development and learning as well as examine the benefits and challenges which diversity brings to early childhood settings.


Courses in the preschool concentration explore the roles and responsibilities of the preschool professional. This includes ways to foster and enhance the development and learning of the whole child. Focus is placed on developmentally appropriate and inclusive practices in the classroom as well as child, family and professional advocacy. It also puts emphasis on effective planning and implementation of child-centered, age appropriate and culturally responsive curriculum plus assessment.


Courses in the Infant/Toddler concentration examine the foundations of development as well as the importance of relationships to the social and emotional well-being of both the infants and toddlers. Attention is directed towards professionalism and advocacy in early care and education, promoting healthy infant/toddler growth and developing and increasing high-quality programs and environments.

Dual Concentration (Preschool and Infant/Toddler)

As the course title implies, the program considers areas prioritized in both preschool and infant/toddler concentrations. Students are updated with discussions and explorations of current research, trends and issues that affect the lives of young children and their families as well as the educators as early care and education professionals.