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A subsidiary of the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, the Concord Law School of Kaplan University is a four-year legal education program that started in 1998. Based in Los Angeles, it is the first ever institution that offers completion of a Juris Degree or Executive Juris Degree online and is a nationally accredited law school. Delivering high quality legal education through the Internet, the program is ideal for busy people like husbands, wives, and family caretakers and providers who want to pursue a legal education but cannot do so because of time constraints.

At present, more than 1,800 students are currently enrolled at the program. Students come from all walks of life and professional levels, including alumni of renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the University of California at Berkeley, MIT, the University of Chicago, and Duke. The students also come from various countries and races around the globe. Majority of them reside outside of California.

Offering state of the art Internet technologies and a customized and flexible program, the Concord Law School of Kaplan University makes it possible for busy people to pursue a higher education without sacrificing their day-to-day responsibilities. It is a great and convenient avenue for learning. You can request information from the school with their online information request form.

Juris Doctor Program

The Juris Doctor Program at the Concord Law School of Kaplan University is a four-year program that encompasses everything a regular university law program tackles. It focuses on the core bar courses and takes a total of 92 units to complete. Acceptance to the Juris Doctor Program requires a bachelor’s degree in a regionally or Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)-accredited US institution that is approved by the State Bar of California. Upon acceptance to the program, students are assigned to certain sections and must conduct regular meetings for projects and assignments. Students often hold meetings online, although phone meetings and live meet-ups also happen from time to time.

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Executive JD Program

Pioneered by the Concord Law School, the Executive JD Program is a 72-unit program that is tailored to individuals who do note really intend to become lawyers by profession but who seek deeper and a more formal knowledge of the legal system to benefit or enhance their careers. Students come from all professions such as businesses, education, health care and others. The program takes three years to complete, the first year of which is composed of the same foundation courses of the Juris Doctor Program. The second and third years is composed of a curriculum that leans more on the specific student’s profession.

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