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A DBA degree is a Doctor of Business Administration degree, which can be compared to a PhD in Business degree. The difference between the two is simply that the PhD is more academic, with a stronger emphasis on research, whereas the doctorate is more practical and is usually used to obtain an executive type position. PhD graduates in business often go on to academic positions or research. A DBA can be obtained through an on-campus PhD program as well as online. A DBA online degree can be equivalent to that of an on-campus DBA degree. There are many DBA online programs today, offered by a variety of prominent schools. The programs generally focus on practical skills and knowledge used in the executive business world. Online DBA programs can be easily combined with work and family lives, and that is why they are being chosen by many of today’s post-graduate students.

Individuals who feel like they want to advance their careers are pursuing a higher education in the field of business. With an Online DBA degree, they can get positions that are far superior to their current ones. At the same time their pool of knowledge is broadened greatly, and this is practical for a number of fields.

Schools offering DBA Online:

Northcentral University’s School of Business & Technology Management offers students the opportunity to enhance their careers as well as their lives with the rich academic programs. An impressive and wide range of courses and degree specializations is offered. With the help of the fully online format, students can easily schedule in their education into their already busy personal and professional lives.