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After completing a college degree, many graduates immediately look for a job or set up their own businesses. But for those who are academically-inclined, they pursue further studies like taking a Master’s degree and eventually a Doctoral degree.

A doctorate is the highest level of academic degree that can be earned. It normally involves three to six years of further study after completing a Master’s degree. To earn a doctoral degree, a graduate student is required to finish a course of study, conduct research and write a thesis or dissertation that can eventually be published.

Also called PhD, a doctorate or doctoral degree has three types – the research or terminal, the professional and the honorary. Research doctorates are usually recognized for their academic research that can be published into useful references in schools and that contributes to human knowledge. Those who fall under this category are required to submit and defend a doctoral thesis. Teachers are usually encouraged to pursue a doctoral degree in research in order to attain a higher position in their field of profession.

Professional doctorates, meanwhile, are given to specific fields of profession such as law, medicine, music or ministry. Most recipients of this degree are not necessarily involved in academic research or activities.

The honorary doctoral degree, on the other hand, is conferred to persons who have made great contributions to a particular field which is not usually related to academics.

Graduate students who complete a doctoral degree on research and a professional degree in medicine are referred to as “doctors.” Those who earn honorary doctorates are also allowed to use the title but usually within the limits of the institution that bestowed the honor. Professionals with doctorate degrees are highly respected in the community and earn $37,265 more every year than those with bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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