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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) – Walden University

The Ed. D. program of Walden University focuses on the improvement of scholarship and research skills to facilitate student learning at the classroom and school level. It uses a kind of learning format that combines online courses and face-to-face residencies. This format allows for the collaboration of students with educational leaders around the world without compromising personal and professional communities. The program offers three specializations comprised of the Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning, Higher Education and Adult Learning, and Teacher Leadership. Further information can be provided for a better understanding of how these specializations can best fit one’s goal.

Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning

Designed for administrators who wish to increase their ability to influence and transform their educational organization, the curriculum for this specialization was developed to focus on building a collaborative organization. This is considered a new and innovative model in administrator leadership. Students are expected to be able to integrate theory and practice to impact both their career and personal lives.

Higher Education and Adult Learning

The Higher Education and Adult Learning specialization is being offered to specifically improve the competencies of adult educators. This is in response to the fact that it requires a unique set of skills and a broad understanding of adult development to actively engage adult learners. This specialization adequately equips educators teaching at a community college or training centers for adults in a school district or corporate setting.

Teacher Leadership

Focusing on the educator’s role as a leader, the Teacher Leadership specialization is specifically designed for educators who prefer to continue teaching while assuming leadership roles in their respective school and community. It empowers experienced master educators to effect change and improve student learning.