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Glossary of Doctorate Degree Programs

Ph.D. in Business Administration – completion of this degree almost always ensures a higher position in a company and better pay as well. A Ph.D. in business or the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) usually leads to research and teaching posts in the field of business.

Ph.D. in Management – the doctoral program on business and management normally covers topics such as management philosophies, risk taking in business, managerial practices and the functions of technology in businesses. One specialization of this program is on applied management and decision sciences which trains students to practice management and leadership. Other specializations include engineering management, finance information systems management, knowledge management, learning management, leadership and organizational change and operations research.

Ph.D. in Psychology and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) – prepares professionals in the field of psychology to excel in the present health care settings, private practices, industries and the academe. Graduates of this program hold positions as human resource managers, consultants, psychologists in private practice, among others. It has specializations in educational psychology, organizational psychology, school psychology, clinical psychology, professional counseling, industrial psychology and many more.

Ph.D. in Education – this degree usually prepares students for careers in the academic field such as teachers or school administrators. Meanwhile, the Ed.D. trains administrators in the primary and secondary schools or teachers in the academic departments of education.

Ph.D. in Arts – a doctorate in liberal arts encompasses a wide range of subjects. It provides deeper exposure to history, art and culture, social systems, communications, business and other subjects. Specializations in this field include applied arts and design; architecture; art; film, television and video; and performing arts. This degree puts emphasis on communication skills, abstract learning, problem solving through reasoning, logic and deduction, open debating, among others.

Ph.D. in Engineering – various doctorate degrees in engineering can be earned through distance learning. Popular fields of study include computer science sometimes referred to as a Doctor of Computer Science (DCS), electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. A Doctor of Engineering degree (D.Eng) is sometimes given by certain programs.

Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.) in Epidemiology – the highest professional degree for those in the public health practice. The program provides students with knowledge and skills to apply a wide range of methods in solving public health problems. It trains students to communicate with professionals in various fields, to investigate the conditions and factors of health and disease in populations. Other specializations in this field include general program, community health, community health education and promotion.

Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) – a doctorate academic degree in law. In the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, the degree is bestowed based on intuitive publications on original contributions to the study of law. In South Africa, it is the highest degree in law with huge considerations on research and completion of a Ph.D. In Canada, LL.D. and Doctor of Civil Law degrees are given in place of Ph.D. in law.

Ph.D. in International Relations – this program, just like the liberal arts, covers w wide range of subjects that affect the international community. It delves into the development of the state system, ideas of sovereignty, justice, democracy, legitimacy and order, international cooperation and conflict. It looks into security and prosperity issues and discusses regional and specialized topics as well. Graduates of this degree can hold positions as archivist, demographer, diplomat, foreign affairs analyst, foreign affairs specialist, foreign service officer, immigration specialist, intelligence specialist, journalist, language specialist or market research analyst.

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