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With the advent of distance and e-learning, pursuing and completing a degree at home has proven to be a more convenient option. This set-up is particularly beneficial to professionals and businessmen who do not have much extra time to attend school and finish a degree. In fact, the home these days is indeed multi-functional as it serves not only as an abode of the family but a place to do office, business and pursue further studies with just the aid of a computer.

However, studying at home is not smooth-sailing all the time because you can face a lot of distractions as well notably if you do not have a private space to do and complete your work. Thus, in order to avoid home distractions like phone calls, interruptions from family and friends, you have to create a special place where you can concentrate on your work and studies.

This exclusive study space, if well-organized, can save you time by focusing on your work and completing it sooner. Do your homework and study here instead of just working on your bed, in front of the television or in the kitchen where you can be disturbed by the other members of your family. This area should also be the most quiet place in the house or in your room like a small corner or if you have a den or basement room which is not used. Be sure the area is not too small and with a comfortable temperature suited for quiet study. Once you have decided on this nook, start organizing your stuff.

In setting up your own study area, remember to put in the most comfortable table and chair. You don’t have to purchase new ones if you have extra unused furniture in your home. You can also check the flea markets for some bargain materials. Your desk should have be large enough to accommodate a computer and some books. Choose the one with multiple drawers for your various supplies.

The chair is, naturally, a very important consideration for accomplishing your work. If the ones in your house are not comfortable enough, then do purchase a new chair at an office supply store and sit on it before buying. Avoid hard wood or metal chairs. Pick one that has a comfortable seat with a good back and hand rest and adjustable to your desired height.

Organize your school supplies and books well. Make sure that they are just within your reach, meaning located in your exclusive study area. Pens, pencils, erasers and papers should be placed in your drawers. Your computer should also have the necessary software and you know your passwords to accomplish your work online.

Do add your personal touch in your study place. Design it yourself to suit your study moods. You can put your CD player there if you like having a background music while studying. Bring in your favorite snacks as well so you won’t have to go to the kitchen everytime you feel the need to munch on something. Keep in mind that it’s your own space and it should be conducive to peaceful studying. In this way, you will always feel inspired to finish your work the soonest time possible.

It’s also a need to set some rules for yourself and the people you live with. Set a specific time to work on your studies, turn off your phone while working, put a “don’t disturb” sign outside of your room to let your family know that you’re busy and take a major break in between work instead of several small breaks.

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