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There is indeed a growing demand for completing doctorate degrees online. This is especially beneficial for busy and working professionals who have less time to pursue higher education. Studies have shown that for PhD programs that aim to produce graduates with advanced skills in research, theory making and problem solving, online systems are highly recommended for them to acquire knowledge and research skills. It has even been found that in some instances, online training is likely to be better than those given traditionally with academic supervision. This is true for research skills that require the use of computer software which provide tutorials, help and advice.

For the management side of research training, the online method can raise the efficiency of how the training process is managed. Reports say that there are presently several online packages that provide facilities involved in managing educational, assessment, knowledge management, research training and procedures.

PhD programs use several online systems for research training. These include online discussion groups, courses in research methods in unsynchronized online environments, supervision arrangements supported or automated by online systems and exemplars of theses and research methodologies with commentaries made online. The most popular is the online discussion group which many universities have now implemented. They are classified as bulletinboards, open or closed email lists, newsgroups, chatrooms and online conferencing. Doctoral students are encouraged to join a discussion group to help you find answers to queries and maintain the enthusiasm for your field of study. If your class still does not have a discussion group, you can join the Yahoo or Google groups. There are actually numerous groups existing on the Internet that discuss all sorts of topic. You can also make your own web page and encourage classmates to join you in a study group.

Research methodology courses are best done online for the reason that online systems are considered to give more benefits compared to the traditional face-to-face research programs. There are many computerized research methods these days that even give computer support. This also augurs well in developing expertise on computerized procedures.

On the aspect of supervision, many supervisors and PhD students are now utilizing online technologies for communication such as email and ftp and in exchanging draft portions of theses and comments as well as other forms of information including data. It is also believed that courses that use online supervision can help greatly in designing course structures that will maximize the use of online interactions.

Meanwhile, the online system proves to be a more beneficial when it comes to making a thesis which is considered the biggest problem of PhD students. Doing the research on the Internet as to the examples of existing PhD theses on which students can base the form, extent and quality of their own thesis is easier. With just several clicks, you can already get the necessary information you need without having to go to the library and get samples of several theses which are actually thick and heavy giving students additional burden. An online PhD education, therefore, is a good example and practice of research, thesis writing and structures useful in a variety of projects and contexts.

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