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Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Walden University

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Ranked among the top 10 largest online graduate programs for business by the U.S. News and World Report and Financial Times, the Master of Business Administration from Walden University provides access to exclusive opportunities and resources. This is made possible through Walden’s membership in the Laureate International Universities Network which is one of the world’s largest international learning communities. Access to several tools and experience that few other programs offer is given, such as a networking tool that is designed to help participants to connect with peers, a proprietary global career center that enables connection with job opportunities, a global relationship program that facilitates connection with expertise in different industries and geographies plus an option to pursue field study or to study abroad.


The Entrepreneurship specialization lets participants gain hands-on experience in launching new businesses or fostering new business enterprises within an organization. The program draws both from theory and practice in navigating the risks and rewards associated with becoming an entrepreneur. It provides adequate preparation to be able to jump-start a new or existing business venture.


The Finance specialization will broaden the students’ knowledge of corporate finance to enable them to make more informed business decisions. It provides an overview of financial principles and accepted practices in financial markets, thrift institutions, commercial and investment banking while learning the fundamentals of financial modeling. The estimated time for completion is 22 months but may vary depending on individual progress and credits transferred.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management specialization will develop a deeper awareness of leadership styles and their impact on individuals and teams. It provides the learning tools required to be able to lead a high functioning team while preparing students to counsel senior management on key personnel issues. The courses are offered in a prescribed sequence with an estimated completion time of 22 months for 36 semester credit hours.


The Leadership specialization will lead students to realize their potentials to provide inspiration to others and to influence the future of their respective organizations. The various perspectives of good leadership are explored thus enabling the participants to evaluate their own leadership style in the process. A deeper understanding of one’s values as a leader is achieved upon completion of the program.


The marketing specialization teaches marketing fundamentals as well as new advertising and sales strategies driven by technology. Expansion of one’s global perspective of marketing is made possible by the opportunities presented in assessing international marketplaces and collaborating with peers across the country and around the world. It requires 36 semester credit hours and is estimated to be completed within 22 months.

Project Management

The Project Management specialization will develop the strategies required to manage projects of various scopes and sizes. Students will learn how to avoid typical project pitfalls and how to put new found project management skills to work in real-world scenario exercises. Delivery of the course is through a prescribed sequence with the required 36 semester credit hours expected to be completed within 22 months.

Risk Management

The Risk Management specialization enhances an M.B.A. degree through additional expertise in assessing an organization’s exposure to product, professional and environmental liabilities. This program specifically addresses the area of risk management and insurance through a two-course sequence – the application of Finance course and the field study course. A School of Management faculty is paired with a student in a field study for them to develop and work on a project of the latter’s choice.


The Technology specialization leads participants in discovering the link between business strategy and innovation. Students will learn how to benchmark best practices that are employed by technology-based organizations, as well as to identify emerging technologies. It also teaches how to foster an environment that encourages innovation to enhance competitive advantage. Courses are delivered in a prescribed sequence.