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Walden University’s NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science enhances one’s competitive edge in the field of technology as a graduate student. As a premier online university, it believes that knowledge is most valuable when put to use for the greater good. NTU College was founded through the sponsorship of industry giants like IBM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and Lockheed Martin. For more than 20 successful and fruitful years, it has been helping technology professionals stay ahead of the innovation curve.

The curriculum of NTU College encompasses current research and industry-specific strategies and skills. Access to world-class scholars from prestigious universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley and Purdue is provided through a flow of online dialogue that facilitates exchange of diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences along with peers from all over the world. The state-of-the-art multimedia technology encourages a compelling and engaging learning experience. Flexibility is offered to enable students to balance their professional and personal commitments with their learning goals. The asynchronous environment of Walden’s online classroom lets students participate when it’s convenient for them but within an assigned period. NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science offer three (3) degree programs namely M.S. in Software Engineering, M.S. in Systems Engineering and Certificate Courses.

M.S. in Software Engineering

The M.S. in Software Engineering program provides students the opportunity to become experts in the latest software development theories and the engineering principles that support software design. Walden University’s curriculum focuses on the different aspects of software engineering process. This would include design, renting, implementation and maintenance. The integration of fundamentals with a wide range of electives will meet specific interests and signifies adherence of the curriculum to quality. Enrolling at Walden University’s online campus is equivalent to having access to an international community that provides access to leading scholars and practitioners in the field. The interactive online learning format facilitates an interesting learning experience as exchange of ideas include reading postings from classmates and faculty members and being able to add to the discussion as all students are required to participate. The superior student services and resources help students accomplish their learning objectives.

M.S. in Systems Engineering

The M.S. in Systems Engineering program of Walden University is designed to provide its students with the necessary processes and tools. These processes and tools will define and validate system requirements, develop effective designs while ensuring that those designs are safe and meet customer requirements. This graduate program is multidisciplinary and developed specifically for engineers. The opportunity to collaborate and exchange best practices with fellow engineers is presented through Walden’s productive online classroom environment. Students can continue to work fulltime as they pursue their graduate degree due to the flexible learning arrangements provided by the program. Walden courses have a syllabus that includes learning objectives, an assignment schedule, instructor contact information, course and university policies that include grading criteria, information on how to submit assignments and links to electronic course resources.


Walden University presents an opportunity for professionals to update their technical competency or facilitate transition into a new career without earning a new degree. Students can complete a graduate certificate for a short period of one (1) year and earn credits towards a master’s degree in the event that they choose to continue their studies. Each certificate consists of at least four (4) graduate courses for a minimum of twelve (12) semester credits taken in the NTU College. A grade of B or better in each course is required and students should meet the admission requirements for the most closely associated degree program. Graduate credit earned as part of an NTU College academic certificate may be applied towards a master’s degree program. Certificate courses can be customized as to the choice of the four (4) NTU courses that will comprise one’s program. Students will work with academic personnel upon their admission to either confirm or modify the chosen course program.