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Online Doctor of Philosophy in Business (PhD)

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The Doctor of Philosophy in Business (PhD) degree is one of the few business related doctorates. This particular degree, like most PhD degrees, has more of a focus on research than on the actual application of the theory learned. Gradates of such degree programs tend to go on to careers as university researchers and professors or senior researchers in business or government. The focus of PhD in Business programs is on preparing students for intense and sophisticated research in the fields of management and economics. The Doctor of Business (DBA) degree is one of the other main business doctorates, and although there are some differences, both of these degrees entail rigorous courses of study and a heavy emphasis on research. Students of both of these programs must write and defend a doctoral dissertation in addition to completing a comprehensive exam. The PhD in Business is the highest business degree, on the same level as the DBA, and is pursued by individuals looking to advance their knowledge of business as well as their careers.

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Northcentral University’s School of Business & Technology Management offers students the opportunity to enhance their careers as well as their lives with the rich academic programs. An impressive and wide range of courses and degree specializations is offered. With the help of the fully online format, students can easily schedule in their education into their already busy personal and professional lives.