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Online Doctor of General Counselor Education and Supervision

The Doctor of General Counselor Education and Supervision degree is a Doctor of Education degree, which is the highest academic degree in education that one can receive. It provides one with both professional and research qualifications. This specific degree program prepares students for advanced careers in research, academics, and clinical settings in the field of counselor education. The program teaches students to be able to supervise the next generation of counselor educators. Students not only learn about theory of education and supervision, but practical educational strategies as well. The Doctor of General Counselor Education and Supervision programs expose students to other cultures so that they are comfortable working in different settings. Some courses that are typically included in such programs are Ethnography of Communication, Education in Multicultural Context, Teaching Seminars, Practicum in Counseling, and more. There are many career options available to individuals with a Doctorate in General Counselor Education and Supervision. Generally, one needs at least a Bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted to one of these programs, but some programs also require a Master’s degree in a related field.