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The Educational specialist EdS degree is a terminal academic degree in the United States, which is beyond a master’s level degree but not equal to a doctorate. This degree is designed for individuals looking to develop their educational skills past the level of a master’s degree. Usually this degree is pursued in order to fulfill certain requirements in order to advance one’s career. This degree is not always recognized for what it is like a master’s degree in education would be for example, especially outside of an academic setting. There are many different specializations available for this degree program, some of which are similar to the specializations of an EdD, or a PhD in Education.

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The School of Education at Capella University offers Ph.D. degrees in education in addition to Ed.D. degrees. The necessary practical and theoretical knowledge can be acquired from these comprehensive programs. The Ph.D. in Education requires a dissertation whereas the Ed.D. degree program does not. The two programs have other slight differences as well.

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