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A degree in Doctorate for Education (Ed.D. or D.Ed.) is a professional doctorate that trains students for administrative or higher positions in the field of education. It is considered the highest academic degree. In the United States, the Schools of Education of Universities usually grants the Ed.D. which is known as the Doctor of Education degree.

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Schools offering Online Education Doctorates:

The School of Education at Capella University offers Ph.D. degrees in education in addition to Ed.D. degrees. The necessary practical and theoretical knowledge can be acquired from these comprehensive programs. The Ph.D. in Education requires a dissertation whereas the Ed.D. degree program does not. The two programs have other slight differences as well.

Online Phd Programs at Capella School of Education:

  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.) (2 programs)  
  • PhD in Education (10 programs)  
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