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There are many doctoral degrees that you can earn online these days. Some of these include the Doctorate for Art or Administration (DA), Business Administration (DBA), Education (EdD), Public Administration (DPA), Engineering (EngD), Psychology (PsyD), Science (DSc) and Humanities (DHum).

Before deciding on taking a doctoral degree online, there are some important things you have to seriously consider. First, you must set a specific goal which you think you can accomplish. You need to know that applying for a doctorate degree is not a one-shot deal because the process can be rigid and the training very intense. Find out which degree is best suited for you and how an online study can fit into your life.

From here, you create a plan including lots of research. Learn as much information about the doctorate degree you would like to pursue and the various universities that offer online doctorate programs. You can even check them on the Internet and consult friends, colleagues or former professors about your plan. You can then directly get in touch with several universities in your list that will give you the necessary information to help you in your decision making.

It is also advisable to get in touch with a faculty member and school chairs in your desired field. This will help you find out how you would work together should you be accepted to the program. If this turns out well, try to talk also with some doctoral students presently enrolled in the program and ask if their visions are met, especially if they are the same as yours.

Financial support is, likewise, crucial in making your decision. Companies who send their employees to graduate school usually provide financial assistance. However, if you personally decided on this journey and need funding, find out some financial aid programs available such as fellowships, research or teaching assistantships, grants, loans and or tuition waivers. You can bring this subject up when communicating with a faculty member.

Before enrolling for a PhD online, you need to complete an application form online and submit several requirements depending on the school you have chosen. The web page of a particular school provides all details on how to enroll for their PhD program and has links to all their required forms. For international students, they should communicate with the school’s international office via email for more information on enrollment. They may be asked to submit documents before getting confirmation.

The standard requirements for admission to a PhD program include a proof showing your potential for research, appropriate academic qualifications such as:
a. a Master’s degree acceptable to the PhD program committee with minimum standard and proof of research training as well as other qualifications and experience in research; or
b. a Bachelor’s degree with first class honors or second class first division honors; or
c. a separate degree and subsequent acceptable qualifications and/or experience in research; or
d. the same qualifications acceptable to the Doctorate Committee from another institution.

Other vital information that you need to provide include a curriculum vitae, academic transcripts of record, three references such as your former professors who can attest to your ability to conduct research and study at the doctorate level, a written statement outlining research interests and a research proposal of at least 1,000 words and a statement on expect cost of research and financial support.

To get a good chance of being accepted, it is advisable that you discuss your application with the school department where you intend to pursue the PhD before completing the application forms. You can communicate with any academic staff whom you know or whom you think will make good mentors and ask for advice.

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