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Online PhD in Management of Nonprofit Agencies

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The PhD in Management and Nonprofit Agencies is a PhD in Human Services with a specialization in Management and Nonprofit Agencies. Individuals seeking to pursue higher positions in education and leadership roles in nonprofit organizations often enter such programs. This degree program is also geared to those interested in starting their own nonprofit organization. The PhD in Management and Nonprofit Agencies degree program focuses on the complex issues facing today’s nonprofit leaders. The curriculum of these programs often includes nonprofit-focused course work in workplace diversity, board management, advocacy, fundraising, ethics, program management, and resource management

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Counseling Studies, General Human Services, Health Care Administration, and Public Safety – Leadership are only four of the nine specializations available for the Ph.D. degree in Human services offered through Capella University’s School of Human Services. The programs combine practical and theoretical knowledge for the relevant field in such a way that it can be applied immediately. This knowledge is necessary, and sufficient, for helping one advance in any area in the Human Services field.