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Doctorate programs in Psychology available online can either be the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and PhD in Psychology. This field of study offers specializations in organizational psychology, school psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, professional counseling and industrial psychology, among others. Graduates of this doctoral degree can pursue a career either in the health care environment, private practice, industries as well as hold academic posts at schools, colleges and universities.

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With the combination of online distance learning and quality studies offered through The Harold Abel School of Psychology, students can benefit from the convenient flexibility of the programs, which allow them to maintain their personal and professional lives while pursuing a prestigious education in Psychology.

The Northcentral University School of Psychology allows one to balance their family, job, and education in a convenient and flexible manner by providing its students with fully online programs. With the highly qualified faculty guiding students every step of the way, one can understand how a truly thorough and comprehensive education can be obtained online.