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It is vital for any educational institution to be accredited by the government or an independent agency. An accreditation is a review of a university’s educational programs to help it provide quality education to students. Program accreditation is all the more important for doctorate degrees being the highest level of educational attainment.

Graduate students wishing to pursue further studies should, therefore, check the credentials of any university before committing to its doctoral degree. Remember, you are investing on your advanced education and you would not want your money to go to waste. Avoid schools that offer short and easy doctoral degrees.

A legitimate doctorate recognized by professional organizations, board of licensure and potential employers can be granted only by accredited programs. To be sure, check with the Department of Education of your country the university you have chosen and its accrediting agencies.

For online degrees, there are currently six online education accrediting organizations approved by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Education Association (NEA). One of them is the Distance Learning and Education Council (DLEC). These agencies grant accreditations to universities and institutions that have met all their requirements concerning training, resources and teaching methods. The other most common accrediting agencies that cover the major U.S. regions and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education are the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSA), Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities (NASC), Higher Learning Commission of North Central Region (NCA), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

If you opt to pursue a doctoral degree online, it is vital to register at an accredited institution. One of the reasons for this is that in today’s job market, companies usually hire people for positions in their respective fields if they graduate from an accredited school. A school that is accredited by the government or an independent agency, for that matter, provides its students quality education.

The process of accreditation in other countries may differ but they generally follow the same criteria in accrediting institutions. This is usually done by the ministries of education or other governmental agencies in that particular country. The differences may lie in the laws, university regulations and guidelines, professor and staff of that country of origin.

If you would like to earn a degree online, inquire about the accreditation board of the online university you would like to enroll in. If you fail to get a detailed information, then scrap the name of that school from your list. Be aware of some warning signs to know if the school you’re enrolling in is a legitimate online institution. All accredited schools will put in their advertisements announcements like “Accreditation in Process,” “Approved,” or “Certified.” Schools that accommodate you to pursue a doctoral degree even if you have not completed a master’s degree are fake institutions because it is illegal to skip degree levels. Online schools should not be taken seriously if they offer degrees or diplomas that can be completed in a very short time such as less than one year. Most degree programs entail at least two to three years to finish.

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