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Walden University PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences

Walden University’s Ph. D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences is one of the only distance-learning doctoral programs in this field. The programs of study can be designed to incorporate the participants’ unique expertise and interests. The knowledge gained can immediately be applied to individual settings while credentials earned will result to a greater positive impact on individual professions. Focus on scholarly research based on professional interest and backgrounds are also faculty-guided. Scholarly skills are sought to be built through its various online courses while face-to-face residencies prepare participants for each phase of the program. Research-Focused Specializations include Accounting, Engineering management, Finance, Leadership and Organizational Change, Operations Research and Self-Designed. Mixed-Model, on the other hand, provides specializations in Information Systems Management, Knowledge Management and Learning Management.

Research Focused:


Designed to help accountants and auditors broaden their knowledge and business skills in various areas, the Accounting specialization presents an indispensable program for everyone in this profession. Areas included are auditing, budget analysis, financial and international accounting, management accounting, accounting information system consulting, fraud examination, forensic accounting as well as a tax consulting and preparation services.

Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Specialization is specifically designed for the purposes of practicing engineers who expect to move into management or engineers who are already managers to learn the social and behavioral aspects of management. Time for completion varies depending on individual progress and credits transferred. It is one of the programs offered by Walden that is based on a unique learning model called the Knowledge Area Module or KAM.


A thorough understanding of financial theory, systems and practices on a foundation of management and decision sciences is facilitated by this specialization. The Knowledge Area Module or KAM forms the basis of this program. KAMs are scholarly papers that demonstrate the participant’s academic mastery of a chosen subject and researched with the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Leadership and Organizational Change

The Leadership and Organizational Change specialization prepares every participant to promote highly effective leadership development, interpersonal relationship as well as group and organizational dynamics. This preparation will lead to higher performance levels within an organization. Depending on individual progress and advancement as well as credits transferred, completion time will vary by student.

Operations Research

This specialization prepares participants to understand new and innovative approaches to operations management. The Operations Research specialization is often referred to as Management Science or by the acronym OR/MS. Completion requirements consist of 134 total quarter credit hours, Professional Development Plan and Program of Study plus 20 days of residency.


It is possible to undertake a Self-Designed specialization within the existing Knowledge Area Module (KAM) curriculum structure of the General Program. This is specifically for those who have highly focused learning and professional interest. This program allows maximum flexibility in designing a program that is in line with individual professional goals but would still adhere to the quality and rigor of Walden’s General program.

Mixed-Model (Online Courses and Research):

Information Systems Management

This is the specialization that provides an integrative approach to all aspects of organizations including people, technology and management, specifically what today’s information-rich environment requires. Focus is placed on executive leadership skills comparable to that of a CEO, CTO or COO in terms of depth, breadth and application. The curriculum has been designed to promote the scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching.

Knowledge Management

Competitive advantage can be gained from understanding how to identify, acquire, store, analyze, distribute and use explicit and tacit knowledge to enhance organizational productivity and competitiveness in the new field of Knowledge Management. This is what this specialization seeks to provide the students through the 134 total quarter credit hours required plus the Professional Development Plan and Program of Study and 20 days of residency.

Learning Management

Preparing participants to develop innovative solutions to the most critical organizational challenges is what this program is essentially about. It takes into account the human side of creating, sharing and using knowledge. The Learning Management specialization is focused on developing learning organizations and the education of participants, including the deployment of corporate universities.