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Professionals, stay-at-home parents or just about any adult who wish to advance their knowledge turn to online study these days so as not to disrupt the flow of their present life. With the onset of advanced technology in our midst, most of these people are equipped with work and time management skills as well as technological know-how as they pursue online degrees.

The search for the most fitting and legitimate online degree and university prove to be challenging for many people as there are countless choices available. Some online programs may be misleading claiming success and guaranteeing a degree in a short period of time. Applicants should be wary of this and should familiarize themselves with the accurate credentials and legitimate degrees. Valid online degree programs should include challenging and substantial material and be accredited by legal agencies approved by the Department of Education.

As for the online doctoral programs, a doctorate usually entails a year of residency and/or field work or other clinical experience. Some fields may require supervised practicums or internships that are needed for licensure. Among the most popular online doctorates are in psychology, education, business administration and management, public health, healthcare administration and information technology.

A doctorate program in Public Health (Ph.D., DPH) trains students for either administrative or research careers in community health or related fields in social health like epidemiology. It normally focuses on studies of public health policy and management.

A Ph.D. in business or the Doctor for Business Administration leads to positions in teaching and research. This degree has sub-categories such as finance, management, marketing and accounting. For the working professionals in business, a doctorate degree most often guarantees a higher position and salary.

The Doctor of Management or Ph.D. in Organization and Management online emphasizes leadership in solving problems by applying theories and practices. Well-experienced professionals, leadership experts and management educators enrolled in this program gain advanced know-how, management skills and better business focus highly needed in managing complex organizations.

A fully online study for both the Ph.D. in psychology and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) is also available. A Ph.D. in psychology prepares students for teaching and research positions while the PsyD prepares them for psychoanalytic work. The study covers self-analysis, personality theory, dream analysis, psychodynamic theory, development processes, applications to specific clinical conditions, practice management and professional standards and ethics. This field has sub-specialties in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology or organizational psychology.

A Ph.D. in education is also a popular field which involves training in academic teaching and administrative work. The Ed.D., on the other hand, prepares school administrators in the primary and secondary school or teachers in the academic divisions of education.

Many fields of engineering are also available through distance learning or online. Popular areas include computer science sometimes referred to as Doctor of Computer Science (DCS), electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Some programs also award a Doctor of Engineering degree (D.Eng.).

Online doctoral programs in Healthcare Administration are meant to train students in developing, planning and managing health care operations and services offered in various health care facilities and other health care systems. Subjects covered in this program are business management, financial management, public relations, human resources management, health care systems operation and management, health care resource allocation and policy making, laws and regulations on health and their applications to various health care services.

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