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Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

Named after the former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership of Walden University is a leader in education programs for working professionals. Its main focus lies on helping educators develop as leaders in their learning communities. The effectiveness of its programs can readily be glimpsed from its being recognized for the second time as having the largest online graduate program in education by enrollment by the U.S. News and World Report. The college’s focus on diversity has resulted in many minority masters and doctoral graduates.

With the use of clearly set-out programs under the supervision of expert faculty, students are able to put knowledge into action while flourishing in a flexible and collaborative learning environment. Making a difference in one’s learning communities as well as contributing to one’s profession as a leader are but natural results of taking one of its educational programs. Program offerings consist of Ph. D. in Education, Doctor of Education, M.S. in Education, B.S. in Child Development, Special Education Endorsement Programs, Teacher Preparation Programs and Graduate Courses for Teachers.

PhD in Education

This program is a complete learning experience as it requires educators to come to the program with pre-defined learning goals while challenging them to design their own program of study. It aims to produce leaders who are able to address the most significant educational challenges of the nation. Specializations have been designed to match the individual professional interests of students which can assist them to meet the needs of their respective organizations. Combining collaborative online study with self-paced, faculty guided research modules and face to face residencies, both its General Program and Specialization Programs are able to deliver the desired results.

Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

The Ed. D. program of Walden University focuses on the improvement of scholarship and research skills to facilitate student learning at the classroom and school level. It uses a kind of learning format that combines online courses and face-to-face residencies. This format allows for the collaboration of students with educational leaders around the world without compromising personal and professional communities. The program offers three specializations comprised of the Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning, Higher Education and Adult Learning, and Teacher Leadership. Further information can be provided for a better understanding of how these specializations can best fit one’s goal.

M. S. in Education

The M.S. in Education program of Walden University is fully online and centers on the strategies that would lead to greater student and teacher achievement. It puts emphasis on four themes namely Teacher Professionalism, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Supportive Learning Environments and the Teacher as a Facilitator for Learning. Developed by K-12 educators for K-12 educators, the assigned faculty can fully understand the students’ day-to-day pressures and professional needs. Its various specializations align with national standards and combines current theory with practical strategies; students are encouraged to apply new skills in the classroom thus leading to excellent outcomes while offering access to recognized experts in the field.

B.S. in Child Development

Walden University offers the opportunity to enter or advance oneself in the field of education through the Bachelor of Science in Child Development. It is a non-licensure bachelor’s program that lets students earn their degree online while being able to continue to work and balance personal commitments. This program serves as a precursor to teacher preparation programs although it is not suited for those who wish to immediately teach in public schools, being a non-licensure program. Students will get to explore the latest research and thinking about child development and learning as well as examine the benefits and challenges which diversity brings to early childhood settings.

Endorsement Programs

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership of the Walden University offers endorsement programs in special education for licensed teachers who want to increase their knowledge base and improve their teaching skills. It was developed as a natural result of Walden’s commitment to providing lifelong learning opportunities to educators. Teachers who are committed to making a difference can prepare to make such difference in the lives of children with special needs through the University’s state-approved Special Education Endorsement Programs. Focus is given to either emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD) or learning disabilities (LD) with an option to earn an M.S. in Education specializing in Special Education. The course’s online programs enable educators to enhance their skills while increasing their professional opportunities by fulfilling the requirements needed to teach K – 12 students with special needs.

Teacher Preparation Programs

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership of Walden University offers teacher preparation programs with an option to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (M. A. T.) degree. Programs are online and are very flexible as they are designed with the working adult professional in mind. Working full time can still be continued while taking this course thus offering a practical gateway to teaching. Educational requirements needed to teach in P – 12 classrooms as well as other educational settings are ably met since the focus is on early childhood education in special education. The programs would specifically answer the objectives of those who have a bachelor’s degree and aspire to teach. National educational experts get to share teaching best practices through the unique combination of distance-delivery format of practical online programs.

Graduate Courses for Teachers

Especially designed by teachers for educators to assist in their quest to succeed in the standards based environment of today, Walden’s graduate courses offer a tradition of excellence in distance learning and teacher education in its unique partnership with Canter. Canter is an acknowledged leader in quality professional development since 1975. These courses allow educators to learn from the experts in educational and learning theory. Individual study times are easily set due to the course’s online and video format. Strategies that are both practical and immediately applicable to real-life classroom situations are provided. Concepts modeled in the classroom by mentor teachers can be accessed while a complete selection of topic areas, such as reading and literacy, math, technology and instruction are likewise provided.