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Get Your PhD – Traditionally Or Online?

Most professionals are busy people juggling their time between their responsibilities at work. Working mothers are all the more busy balancing work, family responsibilities and making financial sacrifices. Those employed full time cannot just take the time off to pursue a higher degree in a traditional school unless it is their company who granted their scholarship and allowed their leave from office. The best choice for these people is to take a degree online or through distance learning which will allow them to learn and do research in their office or in the comfort of their home at their own pace, time and convenience.

A 2005 review of Sloan Consortium revealed that enrollment for online education has risen. In 2004, 2.35 million students pursued degrees or training over the Internet compared to 1.98 million students in 2003. The report added that 56% of schools that offer online education consider it a “critical long-term strategy.” Online schools are also competitive as their traditional counterparts. The Sloan review showed that more members of a university’s core faculty teach online than in face-to-face settings. Another revelation is that an older age group (those between 31-50 years old) bent on continuing their educations online, either work-related or for personal reasons, is also growing.

The major reasons for pursuing an online education include a flexible schedule, no need to travel to the school campus, learning at your own pace, the courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the chance to study anywhere either at home, at work or on the road, easy access to reading materials online that can be downloaded, wide selection of online degrees depending on your needs, wide range of prices depending on your budget and of course, a wide selection of online universities to choose from.

A study, published in Techniques, said people were earlier concerned about the low-quality education of a distance learning system compared to a traditional school. However, new studies show more benefits of distance or online learning for advanced education notably on accessibility, affordability and possibilities. For many adults, pursuing a doctorate in a traditional school may be uncomfortable for various reasons. Some concerns include having younger classmates, taking extra effort and time to travel to the campus and managing your schedule. Doing research in a traditional school is an added burden especially when you need to go to the library and browse through so many books and previous theses.

On the contrary, an online system gives you easy access to so many resources with just several clicks of the mouse and you can do this right in your office or in your home. Another benefit is the affordability of online education without having to pay for the costs of building, labor and maintenance usually charged to traditional students. The same study showed endless possibilities for adult higher education via the online system. It said that taking an online education degree program gives adults the freedom to lead a busy life, keep a job and pursue further studies at any stage of their lives.

Indeed, pursuing advanced education online has proven to be a better option these days regardless of time, age, work and location. It all depends on your situation at home and in your office as well as your goals in life.

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