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Walden University B.S. in Computer Information Systems

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Designed to prepare the student to use technology to help people and organizations, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems provides the required technical and business skills. Since it is offered by Walden – one of the leading online universities in the country, the programs offered are guaranteed to advance careers in information systems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Systems is the fastest growing sector in the economy, making this course offering a wise choice in terms of career opportunities. Students will gain the knowledge to work collaboratively within their respective organizations as they analyze and evaluate information processing needs as well as construct solutions from a set of technologies that constantly change. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems offer seven (7) concentrations including Educational, Computing, Healthcare Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems Management, Information Systems Security, Online Work and Communities and Self-Designed.

Educational Computing

The concentration on Educational Computing allows students to learn how information systems are applied in educational context to include instruction, group work, administration and e-learning. Educators and trainers can be assisted in their choice of technology tools and systems and to participate in the creation of sound security and privacy policies with the provision of the proper knowledge to do so. This is what this course undertakes to achieve.

Healthcare Informatics

The Healthcare Informatics concentration is a study of the healthcare industry. Students will learn how a variety of information systems are involved in patient care, research administration and public health It also facilitates exploration of the social and ethical issues as students prepare themselves to analyze and design healthcare information systems, policies and practices. The estimated completion time is 4.5 years for a total of 181 quarter credit hours.

Human Computer Interaction

The concentration on Human Computer Interaction uses information systems to explore key aspects of human thinking and determining how that knowledge can be applied to the design of effective user interfaces. A variety of techniques for prototyping, assessing and improving user interfaces as well as selecting and applying a variety of tools for computer-mediated human communication will be acquired.

Information Systems Management

The Information Systems Management concentration teaches students how to manage information systems within an organization and across an extended supply chain. The course also explores the development and refinement of business processes. Graduates of this course may be able to waive two (2) courses in Walden’s Master of Information Systems Management program on the condition that they meet academic performance requirements.

Information Systems Security

Taking this concentration on Information Systems Security will provide a study of the core technical concepts of information systems security together with their accompanying legal and social implications. Students will also get to analyze security and privacy issues in real-world cases. In the process, the selection of appropriate techniques that will minimize risks and respond to security breaches is learned.

Online Work and Communities

The Online Work and Communities concentration lets students explore systems and technologies that support communication and collaboration among groups of people for varied purposes including professional, educational and social. The course also tackles the evaluation and selection of tools suitable for a range of applications. For a total of 181 quarter credit hours, students are expected to complete the program within 4 to 5 years.


The Self-Designed concentration allows students to customize their learning experience by choosing any four (4) courses from the other B.S. Computer Information Systems concentrations. Its 181 total quarter credit hours would include general education courses, business core courses, computer information system courses, concentration courses, portfolio courses, elective courses and capstone courses.