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Walden University B.S. in Psychology

Moving one’s career forward is but a natural result of taking a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree as offered by Walden University. Being an accredited institution that offers the suitable online learning environment for professionals, graduates of this program gain the knowledge and experience to

make a difference in their profession. A broad understanding and global perspective of psychology is provided by this program as well as its relevance in an increasingly diverse and global society. The application of psychological theories to current issues in psychology is done as students gain perspective in at least three vital areas: social awareness, responsibility and civic engagement; cross-cultural competence; and evidence-based decision-making in a world that is rich with information. This program offers four (4) concentrations.

Psychology Applied to Everyday Life

This concentration provides a solid foundation and knowledge of psychological principles and practices that relate to various occupations. Its curriculum will help students build on their individual abilities to be able to relate to all types of people as one’s understanding of life in a complex world is increased.

Psychology Applied to the Helping Professions

The concentration on Psychology Applied to the Helping Professions is for individuals engaged in the helping professions who either wish to gain knowledge in psychology or want to prepare themselves for an advanced degree. It provides a foundation in learning about psychological development in all stages of life.

Psychology Applied to the Workplace

The Psychology Applied to the Workplace concentration will help individuals handle all types of work situations as various influences on behavior are identified. The course teaches the basic principles of decision-making and the factors that affect it. Knowledge of psychology can be applied in a non-profit, government or business environment.

Preparation for Graduate Studies

The Preparation for Graduate Studies concentration is the perfect course to take to begin preparing if one is considering an advanced degree in psychology in the future. Knowledge across all major areas range from human development to professional ethics. Students will learn to conduct research, analyze data and present their findings.