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Walden University Master of Information Systems Management

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Students taking up Walden’s Master of Information System Management program will be able to advance their careers in information systems as they get ample preparation with regards to the technical and business skills involved in this profession. Graduates of this course will have the advantage of knowledge and experience that would be required to assume leadership positions in the field of information systems while being able to make important contributions to the organizations they belong to or the profession they are engaged in. Academics theory is blended with hands-on experience so that participants can enhance their ability to create and manage information systems, processes and services that will provide a competitive edge. Responsibilities associated with the widespread use of technology will also be explored. The acquired skills prepare participants to move into management positions. Due to its online nature, the distance-learning experience can easily be translated to the workplace, thus enabling one to work across organizational, disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

Business Information Management

Specializing in Business Information Management teaches students to manage large data sets that support business strategy and decision making. The key approaches to integrating enterprise-wide information to support business strategy and decision-making are learned from this course. Students will examine and apply technique for inference and discovery in large data sets including those from data acquisition, storage, data mining, text mining and data retrieval and analysis.

Customer Relationship Marketing

A specialization in Customer Relationship Marketing helps students understand the market and its relationship to the successful management of business organizations of today. The course provides for the review of marketing strategies that drive profitability plus the appropriate marketing mix decisions. Upon completion, participants would have learned the architecture and function of CRM Systems for planning, deployment and management.

Enterprise Information Security

An understanding of the fundamental issues and techniques in information systems security shall be gained by taking up this course. Students will develop a thorough understanding of information security issues and the importance of keeping systems safe from tampering and disclosure. The course also tackles identification of management structures and processes for enterprise information security as well as the legal, regulatory, audit and policy issues surrounding security.

IT Strategy and Governance

Developing and implementing business strategies that give an organization its competitive edge can be accomplished through this program. This is essentially done after understanding the current competitive environment and forecasting future changes that could affect one’s organization. Information systems can be aligned with corporate strategy to boost an organization’s effectiveness and this course leads the way for its students.

Managing Global Software and Service Supply Chains

This specialization helps its students organize development projects in the global service marketplace, based on key considerations and best practices in outsourced and offshore developments. Positive results are expected from being able to analyze the most important issues and practices for both clients and service providers. This would include various issues such as legal, economic, cultural, intellectual property issues and many others.