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Walden University Master of Public Administration (MPA)

From the leading provider of online distance learning, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is offered by Walden University with seven (7) specializations including Health Policy, Homeland Security Policy, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies, Law and Public Policy, Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities, Non-Profit Management and Leadership and Policy Analysis. All programs are developed by scholar-practitioners who continually assess courses to ensure that they remain current and relevant to the students’ profession. The University’s Faculty and Staff are devoted to helping students balance their education with professional and personal commitments. Student services are always ready to provide essential resources to facilitate extensive learning.

Health Policy

This specialization on Health Policy provides valuable knowledge about health delivery systems, health policy, health administration and health finance centers so that graduates can manage and navigate effectively and successfully in the dynamic environment in the light of radical and drastic changes in the health care industry over the years.

Homeland Security Policy

This specialization prepares its students to implement and put into practice protective measures and policies without compromising individual rights and freedoms. This knowledge equips graduates in the effective development of policy to protect individual’s safety and freedom especially since the complex and multifaceted public safety environment demands smart policies on emergency response strategies.

Interdisciplinary Policy Studies

The specialization on Interdisciplinary Policy Studies allows students to gain a more thorough and systematic understanding of complex and interrelated policy challenges. This would include public health and safety, urban sprawl, immigration and affordable housing. Students’ public policy perspective broadens as they learn to work with government and community shareholders.

Law and Public Policy

A solid background in legal concepts, cases and current trends gives students of the Law and Public Policy specialization a head-start in the event that a law degree is pursued or a legal question is encountered in the workplace. This course will lead to the discovery of the relationships between law and public policy while being able to access vital legal knowledge available to public policy practitioners.

Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities

With the need for today’s local leaders to understand the process of creating and maintaining sustainable communities that are environmentally sound, economically prosperous and socially equitable, this specialization allows for the exploration of interrelated elements that make a community viable as well as the access of tools and resources for development.

Non-Profit Management and Leadership

Individuals can excel in the public or non-profit sector by understanding how to work with government and business to address shared issues. The specialization in Non-Profit Management and Leadership answers the demand for well-educated management professionals who excel in public service especially since governmental and non-governmental institutions increasingly overlap and evolve.

Policy Analysis

A critical context within which organizations and individuals act in a democratic society is provided by this specialization. The course will prepare students to function knowledgeably within this context and work collaboratively to help shape public policy development and implementation.