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Walden University M.S. in Psychology

With the M.S. in Psychology program of Walden University, individuals can succeed in many different industries, health care organizations, communities and businesses. This is through the program’s provision of a background in the development and application of psychological theories, basic scientific methods and principles of psychological science. This program is open to students of all undergraduate backgrounds. Students will be able to apply psychological knowledge and research to real-world situations. They will also learn to think critically and independently about theory and research. Conducting basic or applied research while applying psychological concepts to a variety of settings encourages learning in Walden’s online classroom environment. This program will prepare students for further graduate study at the certificate or doctoral level. Offering five (5) specializations, the M.S. in Psychology program answers the educational requirements of interested individuals.

Crisis Management and Response

This is one of the first online, graduate-level crisis management and response programs that not only presents the opportunity to study psychological theories and learn conflict management and negotiation skills but also provides suitable preparation to work with trauma and disaster victims. Students are expected to acquire the knowledge and multi-cultural skills required to work in the critical and fast-growing career areas of security, emergency management and public safety.

General Program

The General Program specialization prepares students to apply principles and theories, conduct research, and manage data in various setting. Pre-doctoral training and building of practitioner-oriented competencies are provided by this course. It can assist in attaining success in many different industries, healthcare organizations, communities and businesses by providing the required background in the use of theories, methods and scientific principles in overall development and application.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Career options can be expanded in one of psychology’s emerging fields. The Leadership Development and Coaching Specialization teaches the psychological principles and theories of leadership development to better understand one’s capacity for leadership. High-level skills are built to enable management of organizational leadership issues and the creation of one’s own model of leadership coaching.

Media Psychology

Media Psychology is an area of psychology that is generating more interest as it continues to grow. Walden University offers one of the nation’s first graduate programs in the field through this specialization. Students will examine the role which psychologists play in the media and also explore the impact of media and technology on human behavior. The application of psychological theories and principles will increase a student’s understanding of the impact of marketing and communications on modern media.

Organizational Psychology and Development

This specialization provides learning of business and management fundamentals to enable the understanding of attitudes and behavior that enhance individual and organizational effectiveness. Recent graduates, experienced business managers, human resource professionals, educators, and consultants who intend to focus their careers on revolutionary aspects of organizational change will appreciate this course.