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Walden University PhD in Psychology

One of the only course-based distance learning programs of its kind, Walden University’s PhD in Psychology follows a scholar-practitioner model that highly encourages students to integrate scholarly research with practical expertise. This program is handled by respected researchers and practitioners to ably prepare students to make a difference in a variety of settings. It makes use of online courses that are focused on real-world solutions. Face-to-face residencies are provided for each phase of the program. Depending on the chosen specialization, a corresponding and challenging network is given to complete the learning experience. Faculty mentoring is done to support the students all throughout the program until dissertation. PhD in Psychology offers six (6) specializations including Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology and School Psychology

Clinical Psychology (Licensure)

The specialization on Clinical Psychology is about preparing individuals to practice as licensed psychologist in various settings such as healthcare settings, community mental health centers, group practice settings, in-patient psychiatric settings and private practice. The promotion of psychological well-being is one of the key responsibilities of clinical psychologist together with engaging in prevention and early intervention of psychological difficulties as well as providing treatment to clients with severe psychopathology.

Counseling Psychology

Preparing students to practice as licensed psychologist who work with clients to promote functional relationships, healthy lifestyle and positive career choices and roles is what the Counseling Psychology specialization is essentially about. Counseling psychologists work with clients of all ages in different therapeutic settings as they facilitate growth and development by building on client strengths.

General Psychology

Specializing in General Psychology, together with tracks in Educational Psychology and in Research and Evaluation prepares students to teach, mentor, and/or conduct research in psychology that is both culturally and contextually relevant in institutions of higher education. Students will also get to engage their knowledge and skills in applied settings. The Educational Psychology Track aims to prepare students integrate psychological theory and practice.

Health Psychology

Students get to plan and practice in a variety of health care settings and academic institutions in the Health Psychology specialization. Health Psychologist usually practices in medical centers, medical research settings, business and industry, government and military, and sports and fitness settings. Others choose to teach and engage in research at colleges and universities. The variation in settings will ensure comprehensive exposure to different probable situations.

Organizational Psychology

Individuals who choose to specialize in Organizational Psychology will be prepared to work within industry, government and university settings either as practitioners, consultants and researchers. The specialization’s focus is mainly on issues related to organizational behavior, leadership and development, personnel staffing, development and well-being plus effective, ethical consultation and research practice.

School Psychology

Students will develop the proper knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to provide quality and contextually relevant educational and mental health services to children from birth to 21 years and their families in taking up the School Psychology specialization. This course provides training in both psychology and education with emphasis on preparation in mental health, child development, school organization, learning, behavior and motivation.