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Walden University PhD in Public Policy Administration

The PhD in Public Policy Administration program as offered by Walden University prepares its students to meet the challenges of governance and effective service delivery in the scenario that government and non-profit institutions are increasingly becoming intertwined. Scholarly research is integrated with professional experience as knowledge, confidence and expertise to create effective solutions are gained. This program includes online courses focused on real-world leadership and management and makes use of faculty-guided research based on professional interests and backgrounds. Face-to-face residencies prepare the students for each phase of the program. Special programs are offered for students with an M.P.A. from Walden University, an M.P.A. or M.P.P. from a regionally accredited university or a General Program. Ph. D. Public Policy Administration offers nine (9) specializations.

Criminal Justice

The specialization on Criminal Justice is specifically and expressly suited for criminal justice professionals, consisting of supervisors and managers in policing, courts, corrections, security and associated support agencies. These are persons and individuals who aspire to move into upper-level management and administrative assignments.

Health Services

The Health Services specialization helps its students gain valuable knowledge about health delivery systems, health policy, health administration and health finance centers to enable them to effectively and successfully manage a unique environment. With the radical changes in the health care industry and the corresponding environment changes, there is a need for managers to be able to quickly adapt.

Homeland Security Policy and Coordination

The specialization on Homeland Security Policy and Coordination prepares homeland security professionals in the implementation of protective measures without compromising individual rights and freedoms. The complex public safety environment of today requires smart policy on emergency response strategies. Students will be equipped with the knowledge to effectively develop policies that will protect individuals’ safety and freedom.

International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

The specialization on International Non-Governmental Organizations mainly explores how countries organize, regulate and foster non-governmental activities. It also studies how international intergovernmental organizations operate and how representatives of these organizations can learn from, partner with and work within organizations worldwide. The era of globalization necessitates that leaders of non-profit organizations know how to operate in an international environment.

Knowledge Management

Preparing students to develop innovative and pioneering solutions to their organizations’ most critical challenges forms the core of this particular specialization. This preparation is expected to happen through comprehensive creation, sharing and use of knowledge and the effective education of adult learners.

Non-Profit Management and Leadership

A society and its individuals are unable to prosper without constant attention to democratic and social institutions. These issues are taken up in this specialization as it prepares students become knowledgeable social-change agents through scholarly inquiry, applied research and effective participation in these institutions.

Public Management and Leadership

Reforms in public administration are expected to be led by scholar-practitioners as prepared and set by the Public Management and Leadership specialization. This is particularly so because public services are being delivered through alternative non-governmental institutions thus the increased expectation on those who manage public and non-profit institutions.

Public Policy

Critical to the health of the society are the development and implementation of forward-thinking public policy and engaging citizens in the process. The Public Policy specialization prepares students to form and understand policies as well as to manage their full implementation and acceptance by allowing for the application of research in practical ways.

Public Safety Management

Today’s complex environment calls for a new leadership approach which is ably responded to by Walden’s specialization on Public Safety Management. This course offers emergency response professionals the necessary skills to lead, manage, motivate others during emergencies, build capable teams and to address challenging ethical situations that may arise during the course of duty.