Doctoral Programs

Learning Online

Walden University Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate

One of the nation’s only post-doctoral online certificate programs in psychology is being offered by Walden University. Walden is the leader in degree and certificate programs offered online to working professionals. Students will gain educational advantage through Walden’s world-class library, writing center, tutoring and other student services, which provide essential resources. Doctoral graduates are given the opportunity to further their knowledge in their chosen area or focus on a new area of interest through one (1) of their two (2) certificate options. The program offers Specialized Learning Certificate specifically for advanced training and Respecialization Certificate for learning theory and gaining knowledge in a specialization other than the one focused on in one’s doctoral degree work.

Specialized Learning Certificate

Clinical Assessment

Specifically designed for clinicians who are licensed or practicing under the guidance or supervision of a qualified psychologist/counselor as well as those who require formal training in assessment or want to update their assessment abilities. This specialization is a flexible online program opportunity for those who wish to broaden their skills and increase career options.

Clinical Child Psychology

The Clinical Child Psychology specialization provides a holistic approach to working with children and families. It also features fieldwork experience that integrates theory with actual practice. A greater understanding of diagnosis, treatment planning, crisis intervention and therapy will be afforded to clinicians while graduates get ample preparation to work in clinical child and pediatric psychology.

Teaching Online

The Teaching Online specialization is a combination of the theory behind online learning including principles of instructional design and practical teaching strategies and best practices for teaching a diverse student body in an online environment. Graduates will find themselves able to teach online at the university lead or work with an online learning organization.

Respecialization Certificate

Clinical Psychology (Licensure)

A Respecialization Certificate gives the opportunity to gain theory and knowledge in a specialization other than the one previously focused on in a graduate’s degree work. This specialization prepares individuals to practice as licensed psychologist in various settings.

Counseling Psychology (Licensure)

A unique program of study that accounts for previous coursework while including courses required to achieve essential and vital knowledge in the new specialization is provided by the Respecialization Certificate courses. This particular specialization prepares students to practice or carry out as licensed psychologist working with clients of all ages.

General Psychology

Specializations need not be focused on one as the Respecialization Certificate program allows students to gain theory and knowledge in another specialization. This particular specialization prepares individuals to teach, mentor and/or conduct culturally and contextually relevant research in psychology in institutions of higher education.

Health Psychology

Previous coursework is accounted for while new courses are taken to complete a unique program of study that is essential towards a new specialization. The Health Psychology specialization lets students practice in a variety of health care settings and academic institutions to provide comprehensive experience and knowledge.

Organizational Psychology

A Respecialization Certificate provides more opportunities for learning than that offered by a single specialization. The Organizational Psychology specialization paves the way for the preparation of individuals to work within industry, government, and university settings as practitioners, consultants and researchers.

School Psychology (Licensure)

Knowledge need not be limited to finishing one specialization with the Respecialization Certificate courses, finished specializations is enhanced by new ones according to a student’s personal choice. Specialization on School Psychology develops the student’s knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to provide relevant educational and mental health services to children and their families.