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Walden University School of Health Sciences

A graduate degree in the School of Health Sciences from Walden University can advance one’s career while being able to productively contribute to the field. The practical knowledge provided by the online learning method of Walden can be immediately applied by working professionals to their respective organizations and field. Ranked as the third largest online, graduate-level public health program in enrolment by the U.S. News and World Report, students will find themselves part of a growing community where they could gain practice-oriented theories to create positive changes. Knowledge and insights from leading experts and industry peers from across the nation can be freely accessed through Walden’s unique learning environment. The online learning format offers flexibility to students as they get to balance professional and personal commitments even while pursuing a graduate degree.

Taking any of the programs offered in the School of Health Science will provide the confidence to make a difference in one’s community and profession. There are five (5) Degree Programs being offered by Walden University’s School of Health Sciences. These are the Ph. D. in Health Services with three (3) specializations, Ph. D. in Public Health with two (2) specializations, Master of Public Health (M. P. H.), Master of Healthcare Administration (M. H. A.) and the M. S. Degree Program in Clinical Research Administration. Walden’s Degree Programs are developed by scholar-practitioners who continually assess courses to ensure their timeliness and relevance to the concerned professionals. All the faculty and staff are committed to help professionals balance their various other responsibilities to enable them to achieve their educational goals.

Ph. D. In Health Services

The Ph. D. in Health Services program of Walden University examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of health care services, based on a learning model that encourages original research and real-world application of knowledge. One can become an effective scholar-practitioner who is able to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare system and the community it serves.

Ph. D. in Public Health

A Walden Ph. D. in Public Health program will increase a professional’s influence in the critical area of public health care. Through the integration of an interactive, online learning environment with in-person academic residencies, a comprehensive learning model has been made available to professionals who desire to finish a doctoral program. This plan of study culminates in a dissertation showcasing original research that can contribute to the field.

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

The online learning environment of Walden University’s Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) directly addresses the growing need for well-prepared public health professionals. It provides its students the credentials to serve as an advocate for the development of healthy individuals, organizations and communities. The students’ fundamental knowledge of public health’s core competencies will be strengthened while skills are enhanced through a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary competencies, including communications, diversity and leadership.

Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.)

With the need of today’s health care managers for specialized skills to address the increasing complexity of U.S. health care systems, there is a corresponding need for a program that is designed to help provide targeted skills and develop expertise in health care management. Walden University’s Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) program is designed to do just that.

M.S. Degree Program in Clinical Research Administration

Walden University’s M.S. Degree Program in Clinical Research Administration answers the growing need for trained clinical research administrators. Students are provided with the knowledge and skills required for effective clinical research administration and management, including a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment. The M.S. Degree Program developed by Walden, the leading provider of online health education within the United States, draws on the knowledge and insights of experts in the field.