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Walden University School of Management

A comprehensive range of online programs are being offered by Walden University’s School of Management including Bachelor’s, M.B.A. and Ph. D. All management educational needs are ably met as students gain the knowledge, credentials and confidence to bring back to their respective organization or field. The program offers real world knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to one’s setting. Multiple specializations respond to specific interests and goals thereby ensuring that all study time is well spent. It offers flexibility in terms of allowing the completion of a coursework online, while still being able to maintain career and family commitments. The faculty and staff of Walden’s School of Management are dedicated to the success of each and every participant in its courses. Learning advantage is provided through collaboration of leading faculty and other working professionals in a worldwide network.

There are five (5) degree programs with each offering various specializations. Ph. D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences has nine (9) specializations which are categorized as either researched-focused or mixed model which is a combination of online courses and research. Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) has eight (8) specializations while the Master of Information System Management has five (5) specializations. B. S. in Business Administration and B. S. in Computer Information Systems have five (5) and seven (7) concentrations respectively.

Ph. D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences

Walden University’s Ph. D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences is one of the only distance-learning doctoral programs in this field. The programs of study can be designed to incorporate the participants’ unique expertise and interests. The knowledge gained can immediately be applied to individual settings while credentials earned will result to a greater positive impact on individual professions. Focus on scholarly research based on professional interest and backgrounds are also faculty-guided. Scholarly skills are sought to be built through its various online courses while face-to-face residencies prepare participants for each phase of the program. Research-Focused Specializations include Accounting, Engineering management, Finance, Leadership and Organizational Change, Operations Research and Self-Designed. Mixed-Model, on the other hand, provides specializations in Information Systems Management, Knowledge Management and Learning Management.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Ranked among the top 10 largest online graduate programs for business by the U.S. News and World Report and Financial Times, the Master of Business Administration from Walden University provides access to exclusive opportunities and resources. This is made possible through Walden’s membership in the Laureate International Universities Network which is one of the world’s largest international learning communities. Access to several tools and experience that few other programs offer is given, such as a networking tool that is designed to help participants to connect with peers, a proprietary global career center that enables connection with job opportunities, a global relationship program that facilitates connection with expertise in different industries and geographies plus an option to pursue field study or to study abroad.

Master of Information Systems Management

Students taking up Walden’s Master of Information System Management program will be able to advance their careers in information systems as they get ample preparation with regards to the technical and business skills involved in this profession. Graduates of this course will have the advantage of knowledge and experience that would be required to assume leadership positions in the field of information systems while being able to make important contributions to the organizations they belong to or the profession they are engaged in. Academics theory is blended with hands-on experience so that participants can enhance their ability to create and manage information systems, processes and services that will provide a competitive edge. Responsibilities associated with the widespread use of technology will also be explored. The acquired skills prepare participants to move into management positions. Due to its online nature, the distance-learning experience can easily be translated to the workplace, thus enabling one to work across organizational, disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

B.S. in Business Administration

Working professionals are put on a clear path to continuous learning and success through Walden University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs. Professional success by any definition could be attained through Walden’s extensive and convenient online study programs in business administration. Combining academic theory with practical application, knowledge and experience acquisition in three (3) vital areas namely social awareness, responsibility and civic engagement; cross-cultural competence, and evidence-based decision making in an information-rich world are achieved. The program is about maximizing career opportunities, making important contributions to one’s profession or reaching one’s potential. It offers five (5) concentrations: Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Management and Marketing.

B.S. in Computer Information Systems

Designed to prepare the student to use technology to help people and organizations, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems provides the required technical and business skills. Since it is offered by Walden – one of the leading online universities in the country, the programs offered are guaranteed to advance careers in information systems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Systems is the fastest growing sector in the economy, making this course offering a wise choice in terms of career opportunities. Students will gain the knowledge to work collaboratively within their respective organizations as they analyze and evaluate information processing needs as well as construct solutions from a set of technologies that constantly change. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems offer seven (7) concentrations including Educational, Computing, Healthcare Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems Management, Information Systems Security, Online Work and Communities and Self-Designed.

At Walden’s School of Management, students can find a wide range of comprehensive online doctoral level programs, along with graduate and undergraduate programs in the field of management. The programs are designed to meet one’s educational needs, providing the necessary knowledge, credentials, and confidence needed in order to enhance one’s position and make a difference in one’s organization. One can make immediate use of the real-world knowledge and skills, as well as the multiple specializations that are supplied at Walden University’s School of Management.

The School of Management offers the same convenience and flexibility as other Walden University online programs. These programs allow students to complete their coursework online while maintaining their professional and personal lives. The faculty and staff at Walden’s School of Management are devoted to the students’ success. The results of the challenging and rich curriculum offered through the programs at Walden’s School of Management are well-equipped and educated graduates prepared to advance their careers and see to that change is made.