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Walden University’s School of Nursing is ranked number 2 by the U.S. News and World report among the largest online graduate nursing programs by enrolment. It provides the opportunity to realize one’s potential to make a lasting difference in nursing. Earning a CCNE-accredited degree online can be done with no campus visits. Programs offered are open to all R.N.s including hospital diploma, A.S.N. or B.S.N.

For over 35 years, Walden University has been providing an engaging learning experience for working professionals. It has for its mission the provision of opportunities to a diverse community of career professionals to convert themselves as scholar-practitioners to hopefully enable transformation of society. Its mission has attracted a community of extraordinary students and faculty who all share a common desire to make a difference by making a positive social impact. Walden University seeks to provide a distinctively diverse learning community where knowledge is measured according to the degree it can be applied to effect critical societal changes. Walden’s School of Nursing intends to be one of the moving forces for such achievement.

M.S. Program in Nursing

The M.S. Program in Nursing offered by Walden University allows students to gain knowledge, skills and influence to affect more lives and make an even bigger difference to many including patients, the organization and the future of healthcare in general. This program facilitates collaboration with nurses from around the country in a flexible, interactive and online environment. Learning from expert faculty and contributing scholars is made possible through DVDs. Personalized technical and academic support can be relied upon for the most fulfilling learning experience possible. The three (3) specializations for this program namely: Education, Leadership and Management, and Nursing Informatics are taken by track – the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or B. S.N. Track, and the Registered Nurse or the R.N. Track. Start dates for programs are offered throughout the year to enable professionals to begin at their convenience.

B.S.N. Track

The B.S.N. Track is for Registered Nurses entering the program with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or B.S.N. Its Education, Leadership and Management, and Nursing Informatics specializations would require 41 semester credit hours for each that would include core courses, specialization courses and capstone courses. The estimated time for completion for each specialization is two (2) years depending on individual progress and credits transferred.

R.N. Track

The R.N. Track is for registered Nurses with a hospital diploma, Associated Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.) or bachelor’s degree (other than B.S.N.). Its Education, Leadership and Management, and Nursing Informatics specializations would require 65 semester credit hours for each that include foundational courses, core courses, specialization courses and capstone courses. Estimated completion time for each specialization is less than three (3) years.


Specializing in Education provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to be leaders in the profession while being able to contribute to positive social change in their communities and throughout the world. The course addresses the growing need for nurse educators as essential education in staff development as well as patient, family, school, occupational and community settings is provided.

Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management specialization helps nurses shape the future of patient care everyday as knowledge and confidence is gained. This knowledge and confidence will be needed in the advancement of one’s career towards becoming a leader in the field of nursing. Students who enter this program with a bachelor’s degree in nursing need to complete the core curriculum before progressing on to the courses in any of the specialization.

Nursing Informatics

Information technology can be more effectively utilized to enhance the quality of patient care. Through the Nursing Informatics specialization, Nursing Science is blended with Computer and Information Science. Key areas such as information systems, database concepts and effective project management application of the newly acquired knowledge are made possible through the fieldwork experience.