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Walden University School of Psychology

Walden University ushers students in to their Laureate International Universities Network where an unprecedented opportunity to expand the professional’s international outlook is provided while gaining insights that can be directly applied to one’s profession. Walden’s online classroom environments include more than 270,000 students at 58 campuses in 16 countries around the world. Students, alumni and faculty are all committed to improving both human and social condition by creating and applying ideas that will promote the development of individuals, communities and organizations including the society as a whole.

Walden’s School of Psychology offers progressive, online programs that incorporate theory and practice to provide action-oriented research for immediate application to specific professions. It allows for flexibility to enable students to maintain commitments to family, career and lifelong learning. The programs likewise present opportunities to collaborate with leading experts from a range of industries and fields. Graduates will earn knowledge and credentials that will facilitate career advancement and make a difference on the lives of those being served, at the same time. There are three (3) degree programs offered by Walden’s School of Psychology including the Ph. D. in Psychology, M.S. in Psychology and the B.S. in Psychology. There are also certificate programs being offered. The Ph. D. in Psychology program has six (6) specializations while five (5) specializations are offered in the M.S. in Psychology program. The B.S. in Psychology program offers four (4) concentrations. The Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate consists of Specialized Learning Certificates with three (3) specializations and Respecialization Certificate with six (6) specializations.

Ph. D. in Psychology

One of the only course-based distance learning programs of its kind, Walden University’s Ph. D. in Psychology follows a scholar-practitioner model that highly encourages students to integrate scholarly research with practical expertise. This program is handled by respected researchers and practitioners to ably prepare students to make a difference in a variety of settings. It makes use of online courses that are focused on real-world solutions. Face-to-face residencies are provided for each phase of the program.

M.S. in Psychology

With the M.S. in Psychology program of Walden University, individuals can succeed in many different industries, health care organizations, communities and businesses. This is through the program’s provision of a background in the development and application of psychological theories, basic scientific methods and principles of psychological science. This program is open to students of all undergraduate backgrounds. Students will be able to apply psychological knowledge and research to real-world situations. They will also learn to think critically and independently about theory and research. Conducting basic or applied research while applying psychological concepts to a variety of settings encourages learning in Walden’s online classroom environment.

B.S. in Psychology

Moving one’s career forward is but a natural result of taking a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree as offered by Walden University. Being an accredited institution that offers the suitable online learning environment for professionals, graduates of this program gain the knowledge and experience to make a difference in their profession. A broad understanding and global perspective of psychology is provided by this program as well as its relevance in an increasingly diverse and global society. The application of psychological theories to current issues in psychology is done as students gain perspective in at least three vital areas: social awareness, responsibility and civic engagement; cross-cultural competence; and evidence-based decision-making in a world that is rich with information.

Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate

One of the nation’s only post-doctoral online certificate programs in psychology is being offered by Walden University. Walden is the leader in degree and certificate programs offered online to working professionals. Students will gain educational advantage through Walden’s world-class library, writing center, tutoring and other student services, which provide essential resources. Doctoral graduates are given the opportunity to further their knowledge in their chosen area or focus on a new area of interest through one (1) of their two (2) certificate options. The program offers Specialized Learning Certificate specifically for advanced training and Respecialization Certificate for learning theory and gaining knowledge in a specialization other than the one focused on in one’s doctoral degree work.