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Walden University School of Public Policy and Administration

Walden University’s School of Public Policy and Administration has four (4) program offerings consisting of the Ph. D. in Public Policy and Administration with nine (9) specializations, Master of Public Administration with seven (7) specializations, M.S. in Non-Profit Management and Leadership and Certificate Programs. Walden offers frequent start dates so that students can begin at their convenience yet finish at a prescribed time. Courses are delivered likewise in a prescribed sequence. The unique curriculum allows students to focus on areas most beneficial to their professional needs and goals. In lieu of a campus, Walden’s courses are offered entirely over the Internet although face-to-face residencies are offered at convenient times and locations for doctoral and some master’s program

Higher education options that meet the needs of employers and employees as well as the professions and constituents they serve are offered through Walden University’s collaboration with a variety of organizations all over the world. Partners and affiliates consist of corporations, educational institutions, hospitals and health care organizations, military and government agencies, professional learning communities as well as public service and non-profit organizations.

Ph. D. in Public Policy Administration

The Ph. D. in Public Policy Administration program as offered by Walden University prepares its students to meet the challenges of governance and effective service delivery in the scenario that government and non-profit institutions are increasingly becoming intertwined. Scholarly research is integrated with professional experience as knowledge, confidence and expertise to create effective solutions are gained. This program includes online courses focused on real-world leadership and management and makes use of faculty-guided research based on professional interests and backgrounds. Face-to-face residencies prepare the students for each phase of the program.

Master of Public Administration (M. P. A.)

From the leading provider of online distance learning, the Master of Public Administration (M. P. A.) program is offered by Walden University with seven (7) specializations including Health Policy, Homeland Security Policy, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies, Law and Public Policy, Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities, Non-Profit Management and Leadership and Policy Analysis. All programs are developed by scholar-practitioners who continually assess courses to ensure that they remain current and relevant to the students’ profession. The University’s Faculty and Staff are devoted to helping students balance their education with professional and personal commitments. Student services are always ready to provide essential resources to facilitate extensive learning.

M.S. in Non-Profit Management and Leadership

One of Walden University’s key components in its mission is the creation of positive social change by advancing the careers of those involved in non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations employ a sizeable and increasing share of the nation’s workforce, with its employment growth outpacing some major industries. The M.S. in Non-Profit Management and Leadership program blends academic theory with hands-on experience. This facilitates learning concepts, principles and processes related to budget, finance, resource development plus strategic planning which can be applied to non-profit. Students can broaden their perspective of non-profit through international themes and concepts incorporated throughout the program. Whatever background the students may have, the opportunity to gain management and organizational skills needed to lead diverse and complex non-profit organizations is there.


Professionals can update their public service management skills, explore other career opportunities and put themselves on track to completing a master’s degree in less than two (2) years. Completion time could vary and would depend on the student’s individual progress and credits transferred. A graduate certificate can be completed on as little as six (6) months and the learned skills can be immediately applied toward the Walden University’s Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) or M.S. in Non-Profit Management and Leadership. Each certificate consists of four (4) graduate courses for a minimum of 15 credits. Students should take all the courses in sequence and must receive a B or better average in each course. Admission requirements for the Master of Public Administration or M.S. in Non-Profit and Leadership program must also be met.