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Walden University is an accredited online university founded in 1970 for the main purpose of enabling the success of working professionals all over the world. Over 28,000 students have benefited in the form of positive career changes as well as improvement of their lives in general. At present, it has eight (8) Colleges and Schools for Education, Management, Psychology, Nursing, Health Sciences, Counseling and Social Services, Public Policy and Administration, and Engineering and Applied Science. Walden is the flagship online university of the Laureate International Universities Network which is a leading global network of accredited online and campus-based institution. The degree programs offered by Walden have been developed by scholar-practitioners who make it a point to continually assess them for relevance to the students’ respective professions. Enrolling in this online university opens the doors to an international community that involves at least 270,000 students studying online at 58 campuses in 16 countries located all over the world. Laureate International Universities undertake to serve all segments of the international higher-education market including traditional, college-age students, working adults and those seeking undergraduate or post-graduate degrees as well as technical/vocational programs.

Courses are offered entirely over the Internet although face-to-face residencies are offered at convenient times and locations for doctoral and some master’s programs. The classroom environment is asynchronous thereby allowing students to participate during their convenient time but within an assigned period. The university’s approach is focused on student outcomes by delivering internationally minded education to the local level through its network of postsecondary institutions that facilitate the movement of programs, students, faculty and best practices. This makes it possible to have access to an international education experience at affordable tuition levels.

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

Named after the former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership of Walden University is a leader in education programs for working professionals. Its main focus lies on helping educators develop as leaders in their learning communities. The effectiveness of its programs can readily be glimpsed from its being recognized for the second time as having the largest online graduate program in education by enrollment by the U.S. News and World Report. The college’s focus on diversity has resulted in many minority masters and doctoral graduates.

School of Management

A comprehensive range of online programs are being offered by Walden University’s School of Management including Bachelor’s, M.B.A. and Ph. D. All management educational needs are ably met as students gain the knowledge, credentials and confidence to bring back to their respective organization or field. The program offers real world knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to one’s setting. Multiple specializations respond to specific interests and goals thereby ensuring that all study time is well spent. It offers flexibility in terms of allowing the completion of a coursework online, while still being able to maintain career and family commitments. The faculty and staff of Walden’s School of Management are dedicated to the success of each and every participant in its courses. Learning advantage is provided through collaboration of leading faculty and other working professionals in a worldwide network.

NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science

Walden University’s NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science enhances one’s competitive edge in the field of technology as a graduate student. As a premier online university, it believes that knowledge is most valuable when put to use for the greater good. NTU College was founded through the sponsorship of industry giants like IBM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and Lockheed Martin. For more than 20 successful and fruitful years, it has been helping technology professionals stay ahead of the innovation curve.

School of Health Sciences

A graduate degree in the School of Health Sciences from Walden University can advance one’s career while being able to productively contribute to the field. The practical knowledge provided by the online learning method of Walden can be immediately applied by working professionals to their respective organizations and field. Ranked as the third largest online, graduate-level public health program in enrolment by the U.S. News and World Report, students will find themselves part of a growing community where they could gain practice-oriented theories to create positive changes. Knowledge and insights from leading experts and industry peers from across the nation can be freely accessed through Walden’s unique learning environment. The online learning format offers flexibility to students as they get to balance professional and personal commitments even while pursuing a graduate degree.

School of Nursing

Walden University’s School of Nursing is ranked number 2 by the U.S. News and World report among the largest online graduate nursing programs by enrolment. It provides the opportunity to realize one’s potential to make a lasting difference in nursing. Earning a CCNE-accredited degree online can be done with no campus visits. Programs offered are open to all R.N.s including hospital diploma, A.S.N. or B.S.N.

School of Counseling and Social Service

Walden University’s School of Counseling and Social Service paves the way for fulfilling personal and professional goals in a flexible learning environment where students get to enhance their capacity to act as a social change agent. Programs offered allow students to focus on their interest in culturally and contextually relevant specializations. Learning happens in the scholar-practitioner model which integrates research with professional expertise. Opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research collaboration abound in Walden University’s online classroom environment. Established methods of scientific inquiries and evidence based practice are used for the greater good. There are two (2) degree programs offered; Ph. D. in Human Services with seven (7) specializations and the M.S. in Mental Health Counseling.

School of Psychology

Walden University ushers students in to their Laureate International Universities Network where an unprecedented opportunity to expand the professional’s international outlook is provided while gaining insights that can be directly applied to one’s profession. Walden’s online classroom environments include more than 270,000 students at 58 campuses in 16 countries around the world. Students, alumni and faculty are all committed to improving both human and social condition by creating and applying ideas that will promote the development of individuals, communities and organizations including the society as a whole.

School of Public Policy and Administration

Walden University’s School of Public Policy and Administration has four (4) program offerings consisting of the Ph. D. in Public Policy and Administration with nine (9) specializations, Master of Public Administration with seven (7) specializations, M.S. in Non-Profit Management and Leadership and Certificate Programs. Walden offers frequent start dates so that students can begin at their convenience yet finish at a prescribed time. Courses are delivered likewise in a prescribed sequence. The unique curriculum allows students to focus on areas most beneficial to their professional needs and goals. In lieu of a campus, Walden’s courses are offered entirely over the Internet although face-to-face residencies are offered at convenient times and locations for doctoral and some master’s program .