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What To Expect From Online Professors

The Internet provides a better venue for communication between professors and their students. Online professors, however, are not the same. Some may regularly get in touch with their students via email, discussion groups or instant messaging thereby eliminating the need for frequent face-to-face meetings. Some may be strict in setting their deadlines while the others may be more patient in dealing with their online students. It is very important, therefore, that students maintain good communication with their teachers. It is best that they convey their queries and plans as well as update their professors online on the course of their work.

The professors are there to help and guide you 24/7 with your research and coursework hence, cooperation is vital. A positive teacher-student relationship can be developed during the course of the study for the successful completion of a doctorate degree. Students should, therefore, be open to criticisms and suggestions from their professors to improve the study. A good working relationship is critical since professors provide professional input, constructive criticism and general understanding to students. It will help a lot if the relationship starts on a positive note.

A professional relationship with your online teacher should be one of respect. It means your professor treats you well making you feel safe to take risks and show ignorance and he or she seeks and values your judgment. To get this kind of treatment, you should naturally show your professionalism as well such as in your coursework and research.

Miscommunications and disagreements are bound to occur in a relationship that goes on for three or more years. There might be instances when you feel frustrated about a certain aspect of your subject but your professor considers it only as a minor problem. Take the initiative then to discuss this with your professor to avoid disrupting the progress of your study.

Expect online professors to be repetitive of their instructions especially when they feel that you are not making any progress or are lagging behind your work. Don’t take criticisms personally because they are only meant to guide you in your study and to improve your skills. They are supposed to challenge you to do better in all aspects of your study, whether in research or coursework.

Online professors normally set deadlines for submission of paperwork as they do in a traditional setting. Students must also do their best to meet these deadlines to avoid delay in the completion of their requirements. However, should you not make it to the deadline because of an unavoidable circumstance, explain it to your professor so that he or she may give you more ample time to accomplish the task.

Your online professors will, from time to time, check the progress of your work. Students should be honest enough to tell their teachers about how they are doing with their study. In this way, teachers will find ways to help you should you encounter problems. Don’t be afraid to tell your professors about any apprehension on any aspect of the study because they are fully knowledgeable of what their students are going through having undergone the same path.

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